Sara Frost
Zoologist,  Writer  & Speaker

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Wildlife Rehabilitating

During my career as a Zoologist I have lived and worked in Canada as a Wildlife Rehabber - this involves providing daily medical care to injured and orphaned wildlife. I worked on a daily basis with:
  • Black Bears 
  • Coyotes
  • Beavers
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums and squirrels. See photos.

A huge number of animals I cared for were admitted into care for anthropogenic reasons - i.e. because of humans. These reasons include: getting hit by a car, attacked by pet dogs, getting trapped in a backyard or caught in traps.

It's impossible to describe a typical day as a Wildlife Rehabber - one day I could be wrestling a bear before breakfast, by lunch crawling under a deck to rescue an injured raccoon, teaching an otter to swim in the afternoon and then rescuing a beaver from the ocean before bed. You can't predict anything!

Sara is writing a book about her experiences in Canada. Stay tuned for publication date!

In the summer I would receive hundreds of baby mammals brought to me by people all over British Columbia. Most people who find baby animals alone assume they have been abandoned. Many of these DO NOT need to come into care - their mothers are often close by and it is common for them to leave their babies for up to 48 hours. Whatever country you are in, if you find a baby animal - please leave it where it is and call your local RSPCA (or equivalent).